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Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
Fri Nov 30 10:19:13 PST 2018

Einstein and G-d:

Eistein said things about G-d that appear to contradict -- he both speaks
of the Designer of existence and belittles the G-d of religion.
Looks like his real position was closer to Spinoza's -- not emunah in a
Borei but our standards, but far from atheism in their self-perception.


Stephen Colbert explains his faith to Dr Neil de Grasse Tyson

He says that his faith doesn't come from a place of evidence, it comes
from gratitude. Until they can explain why we exist rather than not exist,
we need some basket to put that gratitude in.

A little too Gcd of the Gaps. He could have made the same point using a
more Non-overlapping Magesteria approach. IOW, he shouldn't be talking
about belief until Dr Tyson and others in his profession can explain why
we exist. Rather, he should point out they can't -- "why we exist?" isn't
even a scientific question. Science doesn't cover all of human experience.


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