[Avodah] Halacha: ‘How to Shoplift’ YouTube Videos

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There are YouTube Videos that teach people how to go about shoplifting from various stores. There are quite a few that teach a person how to shoplift from Walmart. These Youtube videos are actually filled with what seem to be well thought out pieces of advice.

Imagine, the following case: A frum father and mother force their children to watch these videos. Not only do they force them to watch the videos, they test them on the content. After the theoretical tests come the practicals, or the labs. They physically recreate the Walmart environment and take the children on practical runs. They then rate their performance. Finally, there is graduation. But after all of this, they do not tell them to steal.

Does this sound astounding? It may be a reality. The Mogain Avrohom (OC 165) explains this is a regular occurrence whenever one neglects to educate their children in a career.


The point is that we as parents should make sure that our children embark on a career as well as gain the skills necessary to thrive in the workforce. The Mogain Avrohom rules in accordance with Rabbi Yehudah, not the Tanna Kamma. Going into a business may not be the answer. They need a job and job skills.

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