[Avodah] The uniqueness of Moshe's nevua

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On 12/06/18 16:31, Micha Berger via Avodah wrote:
> OTOH, who wrote the last 8 pesuqim of the Torah. If it was Yehoshua, then
> we are left with two possibilities:
> - The Meshekh Chokhmah opines that these 8 pesuqim are a necessary part
>    of the Seifer Torah, like the atzei chaim, but the words are not Torah
>    itself. Rather, it teaches the centrality of lilmod al menas lelameid,
>    and passing Torah down the generations, etc...
> - A potential resolution is that the 8 pesuqim are Torah, dictated by HQBH.
>    Which would imply that once in his life Yehoshua recieved Moshe-style
>    nevu'ah. And if there is one rare exception that did force rewording
>    the kelal, there could be others.

Other possibilities:

* Moshe told Yehoshua what he should write the next day.

* The Rambam says that after a navi's vision a mal'ach explains it to 
him.  I see no reason why the mal'ach in Yehoshua's vision could not 
have told him exactly what he should write.

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