[Avodah] The uniqueness of Moshe's nevua

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On Sun, Jun 03, 2018 at 10:42:20AM +0300, Marty Bluke via Avodah wrote:
: The question is how did that work. Did Aharon hear the nevua clearly like
: Moshe? If not, then what was the point and what does it mean that Hashem
: spoke to both? ...
:                          If it was 1 dibur that they all heard it would
: seem that they all heard the same thing in the same way which would imply
: they all heard it as clearly as Moshe.

Like "shamor vezakhor bedibur echad"? There is no proof they all heard the
same thing, never mind in the same way.

But that's not where I wanted to go.

If we take the Rambam's approach to the uniqueness of Moshe's nevu'ah, then
the difference isn't in the "Dibbur" (which didn't actually involve heard
words, leshitaso). It's in the shomeia'. Moshe's seikhel was able to accept
the nevu'ah unmediated. Others, the same message could only be received
via koach hadimyon so that it reaches the navi's conscious mind cloaked in
visions and metaphoric sensations. So, if Hashem did make one dibbur to
both, Moshe would still receive it Peh-el-peh and Aharon would experience
the revelation as a prophetic vision.

OTOH, who wrote the last 8 pesuqim of the Torah. If it was Yehoshua, then
we are left with two possibilities:

- The Meshekh Chokhmah opines that these 8 pesuqim are a necessary part
  of the Seifer Torah, like the atzei chaim, but the words are not Torah
  itself. Rather, it teaches the centrality of lilmod al menas lelameid,
  and passing Torah down the generations, etc...

- A potential resolution is that the 8 pesuqim are Torah, dictated by HQBH.
  Which would imply that once in his life Yehoshua recieved Moshe-style
  nevu'ah. And if there is one rare exception that did force rewording
  the kelal, there could be others.

There are other potential exceptions, most enigmatically Bil'am (Yalqut
Shim'oni 966) on the very pasuq that describes Moshe's nevu'ah as being
"Panim al panim" -- "velo qam navi od beYisrael keMoshe", but among
the other nations, there was Bil'am.

Tir'u baTov!

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