[Avodah] Does the mitzvah of V'kidashto (honoring a Kohen) also apply to daughters of Kohanim or the wives of Kohanim?

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On 08/06/18 16:21, Micha Berger via Avodah wrote:
> BTW, the nearest Bar Ilan found for me was Igeros Moshah OC 2:50-51.
> Rav Moshe holds that a kohein married to a gerushah should not get the
> first aliyah (#50), but (#51) a mumar letei'avon may, because he's not
> a kofer.

This is not just RMF, it's the plain halacha.  A kohen who eats treif 
and breaks shabbos can even duchen, let alone get the first aliyah. 
Even if he's living with a nochris he can still duchen.  But the moment 
she converts and marries him he can no longer duchen.  And if he can't 
duchen then of course he can't get the first aliya either.  (The baal 
mum is different.  The only reason he can't duchen is because the 
deformity is in his hand; if it were anywhere else he could duchen.  And 
even so he still has a *chiyuv* to duchen, which is why he has to leave 
before retzei in order to avoid it. A cohen married to a grusha doesn't 
have to leave, since he is a temporary chalal and thus has no chiyuv.)

It seems to me that "vekidashto" *does* apply to the wives of cohanim, 
because for purposes of kavod the general rule is ishto kegufo, and a 
wife who marries up gets her husband's social status.  As for his 
unmarried daughters, it seems to me that they too are included in their 
father's status for this purpose, since they are called by his name.

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