[Avodah] Korach "There's Good Even In The Worst Of Us"

Cantor Wolberg cantorwolberg at cox.net
Sat Jun 9 20:19:14 PDT 2018

The rabbis saw a hint that while the Korah rebellion ended so tragically, it had the seeds of redemption. 
In the Shabbos Maariv we recite Psalm 92: Tzaddik katamar yifrach, the righteous will blossom like the palm tree (v. 13). 
The last letters of those 3 Hebrew words (kuf, reish, chet) spell Korah. Although blinded by anger and envy, 
Korah's egalitarian vision will indeed be established. Then the "righteous will blossom like the palm tree, 
and grow mighty like a cedar in Lebanon, planted in the house of the Lord." 
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