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At 02:02 PM 4/15/2018, Marty Bluke wrote:
>This is not something to be happy about. This is 
>more along the lines of es laasos lashem heiferu 
>torasecha. The rabbanim has to make a very 
>difficult decision to violate the Halacha in 
>order to save the next generation. This was not 
>uncommon in America of that time. Young 
>Israel’s sponsored mixed dances for the same 
>reasons. However, now that the Torah community 
>is much stronger they are trying to go back to the strict Halacha. Â

On the contrary,  this is something that is 
appropriate for our time and the future.

Do you really think that the Torah community is 
much stronger?  Externally it appears so, but, as 
R. A. Miller once said to me,  "There is a thin 
layer of frumkeit and underneath it is all rotten."

How much Chillul HaShem do we see?  How much sexual abuse do we hear about?

See my article

or Ehrliche?" The Jewish Press, October 20, 2006, 
page 1.  This article is also available at 
or Ehrlich". 
to Editor

Also see 
Obligation to Support a Family"  The Jewish 
Press, February 18, 2015, front page.

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