[Avodah] Something to Ponder

Richard Wolberg cantorwolberg at cox.net
Sat Feb 10 17:26:05 PST 2018

I recently heard a lecture on the Adon Olam prayer.
The rabbi who gave the lecture prefaced the
following fascinating gematria by saying that
ordinarily the particular source for this gematria
indicated he ordinarily doesn’t think that much about
it and looks upon it in a rather neutral way.
However, he said the following gematria was an exception
and that it has definite mystical value.

The gematria of the two words Adon Olam is exactly the
same (207) as the gematria of the two words Ein Sof. The lecture
was more than an hour, so to summarize — Adon Olam, The Master
of the World (Universe) is the Ein Sof (infinity plus).

Shavua tov.

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