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At 09:46 AM 2/9/2018, Joel Rich wrote:

>Strange to me: In Shtiblach I've gotten used to the nusach being 
>determined by the Shatz. Since the psak I follow is R'Moshe, I sneak 
>a peek at the Shatz's siddur to determine what kedusha to say. I've 
>gotten used to the eidot hamizrach folks saying their own kaddish no 
>matter what the shatz does, but today I was really surprised. At 
>mincha, the shatz was ashkenaz but said the 13 middot! I asked him 
>afterwards and he told me this was the shul, minhag due to shalom 
>bayit. [BTW - I'm told that R'OY held bnai eidot hamizrach should 
>say the 13 middot privately with trop at an ashkenazi minyan.] Is 
>anyone aware of halachic sources that deal with the question of mixed nusach?

If one follows what the SA says (as opposed to what the ARI says on 
should say),  the GRA, and Minhag Frankfurt, there is no need to 
change from the Nusach Ashkenaz Kedusha.  One does not say what the 
Shatz says first,  but answers Kadosh, Kadosh,  etc.  Then just 
Baruch kavod, etc, and then just yimloch etc.

This is all I ever say in kedushah for shacharis.

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