[Avodah] Modern knives, and tevilas keilim

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Fri Jan 12 00:15:49 PST 2018

On 11/01/18 18:37, Micha Berger via Avodah wrote:
> It would seem that if you want to apply the rationale of zekhukhis,
> these ceramic knives would qualify, but since many/most posqim seem
> nervouse about even including pyrex, I think a typical pesaq would be
> to treat it with the chumerous of both zekhukhis and cheres.

I don't see how it fits the rationale of zechuchis.  The reason the 
rabonon addedd glass to the kelim requiring tevilah is because, like 
metal, it can be melted and recast.  That would not be true of these 

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