[Avodah] How often to day kaddish

Prof. Levine larry62341 at optonline.net
Tue Dec 5 05:12:22 PST 2017

Saul Guberman wrote:

My understanding is that kaddish needs to be said once a day.  It is said
multi times a day as a hiddur.  So, missing one davening should be OK and
the zchus of not disturbing other passengers and crew and not creating a
chillul hashem should make up for the missed kaddish.

According to the original din only, only one person said kaddish at a 
time.  (This is still what is done in some places like KAJ and  Bais 
Hatalmud).  Thus, if there are many people saying kaddish in a shul 
that keeps the original din,  it is conceivable that one might not 
get to say kaddish every day or even longer.

Hence I do not think that one needs to say kaddish once a day.


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