[Avodah] R. Akiva, Bar Kochba and Zecharya HaNovi

Zev Sero zev at sero.name
Wed Oct 11 03:30:27 PDT 2017

On 11/10/17 01:24, hankman via Avodah wrote:
> How could R. Akiva have mistaken Bar Kochba for Moshiach, since non of 
> the nevuos of Zecharya HaNovi that we read in the recent haftorah 
> (splitting of Har HaZeitim etc., etc) for the period precedent to 
> Moshiach had yet occurred?

The Rambam, whose shita is based on R Akiva, explicitly paskens that 
none of these nevuos need to be fulfilled literally.  Any that aren't 
can be interpreted metaphorically to fit whatever political and military 
events actually do take place around the geulah.

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