[Avodah] How does Prozbul work?

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> In sharp contrast, I understand that Eruvin was a real "exception to
> an enactment": Simultaneously to the new law which prohibited
> carrying in a karmelis, an exception was included exempting certain
> areas under certain condiitons, allowing the carrying there.

An eruv does not permit carrying in a karmelis, and thus is not an
exception to the prohibition on doing so.  I don't know who prohibited
carrying in a karmelis, but there's no reason to suppose it was Shlomo.
Shlomo prohibited carrying in a *reshus hayachid with multiple owners*,
and instituted eruv as a way around that prohibition.  (It's not an
exception, it's a loophole; if you have an eruv then for this purpose
there are no longer multiple owners, so the prohibition doesn't apply.)

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