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It is customary at this time of year  to wish others "A Gutte 
Yahr"  (A good year)  However,   aren't we supposed to believe that 
whatever Hashem does is for the  good,  so no matter what will happen 
in the year to come,  it will  be a good year.  (We may not see it 
this way,  but again whatever  Hashem does is good.)

Thus,   I do not see any purpose in  wishing others a "Good year."

Any explanations and or comments will be  appreciated.


When others wish you well you should wish them well too, mipnei darkei  
shalom.  A long philosophical treatise about how even illness, accidents  and 
financial losses are actually all good things will not endear you to  anyone.
Another answer to your question is:  we wish our friends (and  ourselves) 
brachos from the Ribono Shel Olam that are sweet and obvious even to  our 
limited human eyes, and not the other kind.  Certainly we appreciate  that the 
dentist's drill or the surgeon's knife is doing us a favor and  repairing 
what needs repairing, but we prefer not to have the cavity and not to  need 
the surgery in the first place.
However if you simply cannot bring yourself to utter a blessing that seems  
philosophically dubious to you, I would suggest that you overcome that 
feeling,  bentsh your fellow Jews anyway, and may Hashem in turn overcome His  
philosophical doubts and bless you and all of us in kind.

--Toby  Katz
t613k at aol.com


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