[Avodah] Chitzonios and Tereifos

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Thu Sep 10 13:00:38 PDT 2015

On Thu, Sep 10, 2015 at 11:46:32AM -0400, Michael Poppers wrote:
: And with insects in water, the only difference is whether external
: magnification is required -- the *tzad hashaveh* would be whether an
: external tool is required in order to 'see' something.

You omitted my kasuv hashelishi, insects in water that can be seen
by the naked eye in normal lighting, but you're drinking in the dark.

I am saying that reaching the inside of a cow lung is more like bringing
the cup of water over to the light than like checking with a magnifying

To me that seems obvious. But to articulate it, I find myself going
to words like cheftzah, which is a bit too technical to be appropriate
language for relaying why I find it self-evident.

The bug in a dark room is something we are in principle capable of seeing,
the invisibility isn't a feature of the bug. Similarly, the problem inside
the lung is one an eye is capable of seeing, the invisibility isn't an
aspect of the deformity itself. In both cases, the cheftzah itself is
within the realm of human experience, at least in the right situation.

The magnifying glass compensates for the fact that water bears and
other microscopic beasties are not in the realm of experience. We aren't
getting the situation right, we are compensating for something with the
cheftzah itself.

To put it another way, maggot eggs do not have halachic existence.
Do tiny crustaceans cease to exist and come back into existence if
you flip the light off or on? (This is just different kind of appeal
to cheftzah.)

Tir'u baTov!

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