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On 09/08/2015 11:14 AM, Micha Berger via Avodah wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 08, 2015 at 10:35:55AM -0400, Akiva Miller via Avodah wrote:
> : True, but I think the notion of magic days and procedures that gain even a
> : measure of kapparah without necessitating teshuvah is also very
> : problematic...
> And I don't believe there is such a thing, so I have no problem.
> I suggested twice now 2007
> http://www.aishdas.org/avodah/vol23/v23n174.shtml#12  and 2010
> http://www.aishdas.org/avodah/vol30/v30n130.shtml  that
> itzumo shel yom mechaperes only someone who acknowledges and embraces
> the etzem shel yom.

Rebbi is the one who says Itzumo shel yom mechaper, and he explicitly
says that one who eats on YK is automatically forgiven the moment he
swallows the food, so that the only way to get kares for eating on YK
is to choke on the food and die before swallowing it.

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