[Avodah] What is the purpose of saying the 13 midos in Selichos?

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On 09/06/2015 04:19 AM, Marty Bluke via Avodah wrote:
> However, the recitation of the 13 middos seems like almost magic,
> something we say because Hashem told us to as we say in the preceding
> paragraph

Yes, that is exactly what it is: magic.  Theurgy, as R Micha calls it.
Hashem promised that when we say these 13 words He will listen, so we
say them and invoke that promise.

Another indisputable example of theurgy in Judaism: burning ketores
to stop a plague.  This is explicitly not about the kavana, but a
magical power that the holy ketores has.  The Malach Hamaves told
Moshe Rabbenu about this trick, and when the occasion arose Moshe
told Aharon to use it.

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