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On Sat, Aug 15, 2015 at 11:35:26PM +0300, Shui Haber via Avodah wrote:
: Is there a Halacha that says that one must have Yiras Shamayim? Where?

While it's obligatory (see Zev's citations), I am not sure it's
halakhah rather than something prior to halakhah. As in Moshe
rabbeinu's list:

    Mah H' sho'el mei'imakh, ki im
	- leyir'ah es H' Elokekha
	- lalekhes bekhol derakhav
	- ule'avah oso
	- vela'avod es H' Elokekha...
	- lishmor es mitzvos H' ve'es chuqosav...

It would seem that MRAH is excluding these for thing from the realm of
mitzvos and chuqim, and yet still mandatory.

Even though the Rambam calls "lalekhes bekhol derakhav" to be "HILKHOS
Dei'os". I don't know how to shtim this with the pasuq. It seems more
like the Rambam's approach, that there is a duty of pursuing qedushah,
yashrus and tov in ways beyond the limits of black-letter halakhah.

Tir'u baTov!

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