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On Wed, Aug 5, 2015 at 6:22pm EDT, I wrote:
: The issue comes up in AhS YD 24:42...
: There is a machloqes between the Behag and Rashi about the line between
: aqirah and tereifos. Rashi says that aqira is the displacement of the
: qaneh or veshet caused by using a nicked knife. Most rishonim hold
: like the Behag, and then there is a submachloqes about what kind of
: dislocated simanim are aqirah, and what are tereifos. Leshitas Rashi,
: they would all be tereifos.
: Anyway, here the AhS says that Rama holds that midinei shechitah,
: we are machmir for every definition of aqirah. But midinei tereifah,
: which differ in that it would also prohibit the milk or eggs from such
: an animal, we recognize that the iqar hedin if the Behag, and are meiqil.

In response RAF sent me offlist an essay he wrote in Dec 2001, titled
"Hagdaras Iqur Simanim baTalmud", which I put up on-line here

The article does a survey of various definitions of ique hasimanim,
which vary amazingly widely. He lists some causes:
- The discussion is in scattered snippets across Chullin, not one
  organized sugya.
- The rishonim do not agree about the girsa of the gemara that contrasts
  iqur from tereifah.
- The rishonim do not even agree on basic defining features about iqur

RAF also mentioned to me: "I have a very different peshat in ikkur,
based on actually looking at the Behag." Sec. 4 does appear to quote
a Behag that is at odds with the mesorah about shitas haBehag that the
baalei Tosafos received.

We've discussed the relationship between errors in reception and
whether finding one would change pesaq before.

Here, the nafqa mina lemaaseh is small but real, as per above.

Tir'u baTov!

PS: If anyone else has a Torah article they want up on-line, feel free
to ask.

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