[Avodah] De-Chokifying Arayos (including MZ)

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To continue from my previous post:

R"n Chana Luntz wrote:

<<< In order to have an informed discussion, don't you need to read Orech
Chaim 240 in light of Even HaEzer 25 and particularly the Rema in si'if 2
there? >>>

I think it is noteworthy that the Aruch Hashulchan often goes out of his
way to justify the common practice in the face of the consensus of poskim,
but does *not* do so in this case. In fact, Aruch Hashulchan EH 25:11
quotes the same Tur as the Rama did, but emphatically warns us *against*
following it.

This suggests that the turning of the tide, from a more prishus-oriented
view to something else, occurred more recently than the days of the Aruch
Hashulchan. Can anyone suggest a more precise time?

Or, to put my question more blatantly: Does the less-prishus-oriented view
appear only in recent articles such as the one by Rav Lichtenstein, and in
the sort of verbal psakim such as he received? Does it appear anywhere at
all in any of the seforim that one might happen to be learning, such as the
Igros Moshe, Tzitz Eliezer, or similar?

Akiva Miller
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