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On Fri, Aug 07, 2015 at 03:56:56PM -0400, Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer wrote:
: What's the difference between this and Gerald Schroeder?

R' Gerald Schroeder is working within physics, using Relativity to
try to make the timelines match up.

R' Schwab, and for that matter this Hypertime idea are metaphysical,
saying that the 6 days were not physical days, meausured using the same
kind of time Galileo turned into a variable when he measured pendulum
swings, Newton took derivatives with respect to, and Einstein unified
with space. Rather, a logically prior idea altogether.

This is more in line with the rishonim who said that science as we
know it post-dates creation, and therefore time during creation is
has to be measured with a different kind of clock than the one of


And some day when humanity develops to this point, the two will finally
be in sync.

Which would fit RAYK's metaphysics in which every duality is an
illusion, as everything is the Or Ein Sof from the Absolute Unity.
And le'asid lavo, even the division between olam hazah and olam
ha'emes will fall. Leshitaso, techiyas hameisim is a consequence
of the reunification of the worlds of life and of death. Those
souls don't so much come back to life as the distinction disappears.
(I do not recall if RAYK invokes "hayinu kekholmim".)

And yes, in such a situation, physical time will be back in sync
with supernal time.

Although one needn't believe in RAYK's eschatology in order to
accept the concept that the two definitions of time will be unified,
nor do we need to believe in eventual synchronization in order to
talk about the 6 days of ceration being on a different kind of
clock than physics.


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