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2) name at least 2 halachot  that we learn from wicked people in Tanach

Eli  Turkel

Don't  know if this is what you had in mind but I can think of  these:
[1] A woman cannot be married without her consent -- learn from Lavan --  
"Nish'alah es pi hana'arah" before sending Rivka off with Eliezer to marry  
[2] A younger sister cannot marry before the older sister (unless she gets  
permission from her) -- from Lavan again, excusing himself for giving Leah 
to  Yakov instead of Rachel.
[3] Celebrating seven days of sheva brachos -- from two places.  One  is 
Lavan again -- give Leah a week to celebrate and then Yakov can marry  Rachel. 
 And from the Pelishti "friends" of Shimshon who celebrated his  wedding 
for a week.
[4] We also learn from Izevel (Jezebel) that it's a big mitzva to dance at  
a wedding, to be mesameach chassan vekallah, but strictly speaking this is 
not  in Tanach, it's a midrash.

--Toby Katz
t613k at aol.com


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