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On 07/27/2015 01:02 AM, Eli Turkel via Avodah wrote:
> Thew gemara in Gittin tells the story of the rich lady miryam bat
> batus

Martha bat Baytus.

> who sent her sevant to buy food in the market, before the
> churban, each time the food is already sold and she finally dies from
> dung on her foot.
> OTOH the gemara in ketuvot

Yoma. 18a.  And Yavamos 61a.   I could not find any reference to
this in Kesubos.

> says that miryam bat batus

Martha bat Baytus.

> paid King Yanai a lot of money to appoint her son


> yehoshua ben gamla as high priest.  First the two stories are about
> 150 years apart.

No, they're not.  Yehoshua ben Gamla was the Cohen Gadol at the time
of the revolt against Rome, and was murdered by the Biryonim.

> In addition Alexander Jannai was himself high priest
> and unlikely to sell that position

Therefore this Yannai Malka was not that Alexander Yannai.  As Tosfos
in both places points out, for precisely that reason.

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