[Avodah] De-Chokifying Arayos (including MZ)

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(Sorry for approving both versions of that post! It was a quick typo in
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On 2015-07-20 5:34 pm, RZ Lampel wrote:
> RMB responded: "Lo zakhisi lehavin: It's hard to see how incest 
> within
> the immediate family or eishes iss aren't mefursamot."

> Adultery (eishis ish) is technically taking from another man that 
> which
> belongs exclusively to him. So that itself puts it within the 
> category of
> issurim that are mefursamos.

> The Rambam (MN 2:49) ...

Yes. But our problem is with Shemoneh Peraqim, where the Rambam 
between mitzvos mefusamot, for which a person should develop a desire 
that is
in line with the mitzvah (or a distaste in line with the issur), and 
mitzvos where one should simply refrain out of submission to ol 

And among his mitzvos which are NOT mefursamos are arayos. R/Dr Meir 
>                                         he specifically applies that 
> to
> arayot - and needs to apply it to arayot, because the sugyot that 
> deal with
> kol hagadol mechavero yitzro gadol  mimenu - specifically apply to 
> arayot.
> One could argue whether the arayot the rambam means refers to all 
> dine
> arayot, or only to a subset (excluding mishkav zachar), although not 
> sure
> on what basis - but clearly the rambam here insists that arayot are 
> self evident or even mefursamot

So regardless of how he categorizes them in the Moreh, the chiluq the 
makes in 8P requires our considering these issurim to not be 

(Which I still don't get.)

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