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1) Rambam in  hlichot teshuva (7:6) discusses the effect of teshuva
yesterday (emesh) i was far from G-d hated ... and now I am beloved

RYBS asks why the Rambam here uses such poetic language in particular using
"emesh" instead of "etmol" . He asnwers that "etmol" indicates a 24 hour
period while "emesh" can be a fraction of second between being hated by G-d
and being loved by G-d

2) Someone who marries on a woman on condition that he is a Tzaddik the
marriage is valid even if it is known that he is a rasha perhaps (shema) he
did teshuva.

Someone in the shiur noted that "shema" read backwards is "emesh" . Meaning
that rasha who proposed marriage did teshuva a fraction of a second before
the proposal

Eli Turkel
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