[Avodah] Administrivia: Moderator Vacation

Micha Berger via Avodah avodah at lists.aishdas.org
Wed Sep 16 10:49:00 PDT 2015

While Areivim has a team of mods, Avodah is still entirely dependent
on me. Which makes me feel an obligation to forewarn y'all before I go
on vacation.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for 3 weeks in Yerushalayim ih"q. (Barring
messianic intervention, to leave again the day after chutznik Simchas
Torah.) I do not know what my internet access will be like, but it's
quite likely moderation approval delays will increase.

Please be patient.

Yerushalayim crew: Avodah/Areivim Simchas Beis haSho'eivah anyone?
Discussion on Areivim...)


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