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Picture, if you will, the hallowed halls of almost any Yeshivah, 
almost anywhere in the world, on Rosh Hashanah morning. As the 
strains of Shiras Chanah conclude, followed by the post-Haftarah 
brachos, there suddenly is a loud bang on the Bimah and the Gabbai 
calls out "Kiddush!" Most of those assembled take a break for a quick 
Kiddush and then return for the day's main Mitzvah - the Tekiyas 
Shofar, the Blowing of the Shofar. The reciting of 'Lamnatzeach' soon 
reach a crescendo, not unlike a deafening roar, as the congregation 
eagerly anticipates and prepares for the Shofar Blowing.

Although this is indeed the common custom in almost every Yeshivah, 
curiously, the idea of making Kiddush and eating prior to the main 
Mitzvah of the day is considered an anathema to some. In fact, the 
Matteh Efraim, who is considered the authority on issues relating to 
the Yomim Nora'im, writes that it is actually prohibited to eat 
before Tekiyas Shofar, barring if one is weak, and, even only then, a 
small 'Te'imah', tasting of food, in private, is allowed.[1] If so, 
why do so many make Kiddush[2] and eat before Tekiyas Shofar?


To sum up the matter, and although this dilemma is quite complicated, 
one must ascertain from his knowledgeable halachic authority, as well 
as taking his personal situation, strength level, and minhag into 
account, as to what to do on Rosh Hashanah morning.[23]

Postscript: One interesting upshot of this machlokes seems to be the 
recent proliferation of Vasikin Minyanim on Rosh Hashanah. In this 
way, it is possible to daven all of Shacharis and Mussaf and still be 
able to make Kiddush after completing davening but still before 
Chatzos, as well as gain all the spiritual benefits of 'Davening 
Haneitz'.[24] A seemingly excellent way to avoid spiritual conflict 
on the Day of Judgment, all the while literally fulfilling the 
Rambam's famous dictum (Hilchos Teshuvah Ch. 3: 4) of 'Uru Yesheinim 
Mi'shnascham, Wake up you slumberers, from your sleep', for the 
clarion call of the Shofar.

See the above URL for more.

Any one living in Flatbush is welcome to come to the YI of Ave J 
Haskama Minyan on RH morning.  We start at 7:15 and davening will be 
over by 11:30 (with Musaf).  Then there is plenty of time to go home 
and make kiddush before Chatzos.  Davening is on the second floor in 
the Simcha Hall.


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