[Avodah] Eating Before Shofar

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before Shofar.

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Custom of Some Gedolim

The Steipler zt"l used to recite the zohar and other tefillos during 
the break. In his later years he recited portions of tehillim.[1] He 
did not make kiddush before tekios.[2] Harav Moshe Feinstein zt"l did 
not eat before tekios.[3] Harav Elyashiv zt"l  [4] and Harav Yisroel 
Belsky Shlita do not eat or drink before tekios.

[1] Orchos Rabbeinu 2:page 182:4. Refer to Darchei Chaim V'sholom 716:page 251.

[2] Orchos Rabbeinu 2:page 181:1. Refer to Chelek Levi 189.

[3] As related by Harav Aron Felder Shlita.

[4] As quoted in Chag B'chag page 113:footnote 79.

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