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We are pleased to announce the launch of a new version (1.2) of the '
*Hachi **Garsinan*' Site for Variant-Readings of the Talmud Bavli.
The site is freely accessible to all through the Friedberg portal:
Version 1.1 of the website shows all hand-written text witnesses of the
Talmud Bavli from the Cairo Genizah, with digital images (more than 4,600)
and their transcriptions, in the framework of a software that allows the
display of all text-witnesses of a specific Talmudic text in parallel
columns in small units. Identical excerpts in a specific text-witness and
in the Vilna can be marked, in order to spare the user the effort of
comparing the texts. There are also additional helpful functions such as
Save and Print, as specified in the website Homepage.
*In the new version (1.2) - text witnesses from the following early
printings have been added:*

   - *Guadalajara**(1480?), Spain / Portugal (Toledo? 1480-1490), Portugal
   (Faro? before 1498), Faro (1497?), Fez (1516-1521)*
   - *Soncino (1484-1489), Italy (1489-1498), Barco (1498-1499), Pesaro
   (1509-1516), Constantinople (1505-1509)*
   - *Venice** (1520-1523) *

*(for details on tractates included in early printings - see Homepage). *
*Furthermore, a function has been added to enable the user search for **terms
or expressions in the Vilna** edition and each of the text witnesses that
take part in the current version (Genizah and early printings) as well as a
function to display the lexicon (**list of different words and their
frequency**) of Vilna and of each of the other text-witnesses. Finally, the
new version allows each user to alter the way that the text units are
displayed on the variant-readings screen, using special editing tools
designed for this purpose.*

Eli Turkel
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