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As I mentioned yesteday, any hole in the surface of the lung large enough
to leak air would make the animal tereifah.

What if the hole heals?

AhS YD 36:7 (and elsewhere) says that a qerum (membrane) she'alah
machmas makkah doesn't count.

In se'if 14 he learns peshat in Rashi (Yavamos 76a "eino qerum") that
there are two sevaros:
1- because this kind of closure isn't permanent
2- the closure is new. Akin to Chullin 68b "kivan shenitrefah, shuv
   ein lah heter)
But in reality, the AhS says, "be'emes chad ta'amah hu" -- what makes
the closure temporary is that it is made from the liquids of the
makah. And therefore once the makah is healed, it has no cause.

RYME notes that this is bedavqa when a new membrane is closing the hole.
But if the side grow in until it closes, the lung is kosher. What about
"kivan shenitrefah"?

He writes
    "keshehaheter hayah mukhan be'eis hatarfus,
    lo chal alahh sheim tarfus ba'olam."

Continuing what I wrote yesterday, that there must be much lehislameid
from the halakhos of tereifos, given how we etched them in stone despite
many of the rules losing their veterinary explanations....

We are told to have bitachon that before sending troubles, "Ein HQBH
makeh es Yisrael ela im kein borei lahem refu'ah techilah" (Megillah 13b)

This rule of tereifos, that the chalos sheim "tereifah" doesn't apply
if the means by which the hole would close were pre-existing, seems to
imply something further. In a sense, the makah itself isn't real because
the refu'ah is already prepared.

It is not that the bad times cause the good ones. Because they aren't
permanent enough to be the root of permanent solutions. Rather, it is
because it's all one process, the bad times being a bump in a road that
from the moment you strarted traveling it leads to good.

Or as Nachum ish Gam Zu said, "gam lu LEtovah" (emphasis mine), not
"gam zu tovah". What redeems the bad times is that the route from them
to tov is there before they even begin.


Language note: I noticed that rei'ah means "lungs", even though the term
is in the singular and the translation is in the plural. There is no
term of art for a single lung -- the main body of each lung is an omah
and the lobes are onos or in Hebrew "aznayim".

Tir'u baTov!

Off-topic PS: I am seriously finding the beginning of YD turning me off
to meat.

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