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In the thread "De-Chokifying Arayos", I asked:

> But that's not what's happening here. This is a case where the Shulchan
> Aruch paskened very clearly in one direction, and this approach went
> uncontested through centuries of acharonim. Then something changed.... Why
> aren't we rejecting these revisionist poskim out of hand?

R' Mordechai Cohen answered:

>>> I can't help but thinking that this is one of those (many) halachic
issues where the hanhaga of Klal yisroel in certain halachic (or hashkafic)
areas has developed to be inline with yechidim than with the majority of
>>> ...
>>> We have many others similar to this (some d'oriasa, some d'rabbanan) -
human hair sheitals, chadash, live music after the churban, etc.

You are raising a great point. I have wondered this about chadash and music
myself, and I'm somewhat surprised that I didn't see the connection. Thank
you very much for bringing it to my attention. (Though, to be honest, these
examples sharpen my question about Conservative "psak".)

But for THIS thread, my question is simple and direct: Tell me more about
why you specify "human hair sheitals". Have chazal/rishonim ever
distinguished between wigs made of human hair vs other kinds of wigs? I was
always under the (possibly mistaken) impression that chazal and rishonim -
and even acharonim - only discussed the requirement to cover hair, and how
much to cover, and the ramifications of leaving it uncovered.

But I don't recall any discussion of the covering itself except by the
leaders of very recent chasidic groups. Am I mistaken? Where is this
discussed in the seforim?

Akiva Miller
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