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Fri Aug 7 13:56:48 PDT 2015

R. Levine wrote:  "Is it really true that what women in the general society
do is some
standard for tznius for Jewish women. If so, then the practices of
"well undressed" gentile women (as R. A Miller used to call them) of
today have eliminated all tznius standards"

Response:  Of course there are baseline standards of tzniut  for Jew, men
and women, that are independent of surrounding culture.  But hair covering
is not one of them.(At least according the sources and shitta that I have

R. Levine then brings an article by Rav Breuer. That is his shitta, it
doesn't mean it is universally accepted or binding.  Much of what he brings
is not specific halacha but advice or Nach based(the entire sugya of kol
kevuda etc)  I would note that the vast majority of shittot do not require
single women to cover their hair

I will not have access to respond for a week or so, but will be address
further responses at that time.

shabbat shalom
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