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On 3/31/2013 9:15 AM, Eli Turkel wrote:
> I was reading the introduction to the moriah SA over pesach
> They claim that they fixed many misprints from previous editions that 
> affected halacha
> Does that mean one should keep the mistakes because that is the mesorah
> BTW they mention the city in their discussion

Rabbis Shlomo Riskin and David Bar Hayim once had a debate at the Israel 
Center in Jerusalem.  During the course of this, R' Riskin claimed that 
"lo tirtzach" applied to non-Jews.  R' Bar Hayim said that it didn't, 
but that "shofech dam adam b'adam damo yeshafech" did.  R' Riskin pulled 
out a copy of the Rambam and read: "Kol horeg nefesh adam oveir b'lo 
taaseh, she-ne'emar, lo tirtzach."  R' Bar Hayim pulled out a copy of an 
edition of the Rambam based on actual manuscripts (as opposed to the one 
R' Riskin had used, which was published under the kindly auspices of the 
Polish Catholic Church), and read: "Kol horeg nefesh adam *miYisrael 
*oveir b' lo taaseh, she-ne'emar, lo tirtzach."  R' Riskin's response 
was not to argue in favor of his nusach being more correct, but rather 
to say, "This is the version we have today."

Would RMB agree with R' Riskin?  Certainly, if we find the Aron under 
Har HaBayit and see that the copy of the Sefer Torah that Moshe wrote 
has differences from the one we have, we'd be obligated to make ours 
conform to his.  Or is that also something RMB would dispute?

If we were to find a copy of a Sefer Torah in a cave, preserved like the 
Dead Sea Scrolls, and that was different from ours, we would *not* 
change ours, because who knows if that one wasn't ganuz for a reason.  
Maybe it belonged to sectarians who changed it.  But if we were to find 
one in the actual Aron, that would present us with a fact, and we'd have 
to accept it.


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