[Avodah] Minhagim for Baalei Teshuva

David Riceman driceman at optimum.net
Fri Mar 29 06:39:05 PDT 2013


<<I would like to suggest that minhagim really ought to be by family, 
but if that means that you'll be a small minority, then -- as R"n Chana 
Luntz so eloquently explained in another thread -- the situation is not 
easily tolerable. According to this idea, it would be quite reasonable 
for minhagim to ideally follow the family, yet follow the location in 
practice for millenia, until recent centuries, when large-scale 
immigration allowed communities to reconstitute themselves in new 
locations, so that the family minhag could continue. But I concede that 
I have absolutely no evidence for this, other than the pasuk in Mishlei. 
Perhaps someone can offer other ideas pro or con?>>

How about by clan/subtribe?

David Riceman

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