[Avodah] Why learn Chassidut

Ben Waxman ben1456 at zahav.net.il
Fri Mar 29 03:24:13 PDT 2013

Is this a variation of the "What is the purpose of Talmud Torah" 
argument (learn to come to love of HaShem, to learn halacha, to simply 


On 3/29/2013 5:06 AM, Zev Sero wrote:
> (Incidentally, over yomtov I read an interview with R Yoel Kahn in 
> which he
> said (if I understood it correctly) that it's a mistake to think that the
> purpose of learning chassidus is to make one a better person.  The 
> purpose,
> he said, is simply that it is the underlying truth of the universe. 
> Knowing
> some of this truth will inevitably make one look at the world more 
> clearly,
> and therefore make better decisions, and therefore be a better person and
> serve Hashem better, and if it doesn't have this effect then one hasn't
> understood it properly, but that is merely a side-effect, not its 
> purpose.)

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