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On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 04:08:28PM +0000, Kenneth Miller wrote:
: There is indeed a dual nature to *matza*, which commemorates both
: the poor bread that we ate as slaves and also the hurried bread of the
: Exodus...

There are actually FOUR natures to matzah. In historical order:

1- Ha lakhma anya -- that we ate as slaves
2- Al matzos umerorim yokhluhu -- the matzah of the qorban Pesach which was
   commanded for the night before yetzi'as Mitrayim
3- ... Ugos matzos ki lo chameitz; ki gorshu miMitzrayim velo yokhlu
   lehismahmeiha... -- the hurried bread
4- Ki yish'alkha binkha machar -- which the gemara associates with "lekhem
   she'onim alav devarim harbei"

Notably, each becomes the centerpiece of its own kos. (Although not in
the above chronological sequence.)

1- Lekhem oni (aniyim) is the theme of karpas in salt water and yachatz.
   We fill kos 2 AFTER Ha Lakhma Anya

2- and before our children ask those questions. Kos 2 is Magid -- onim alav
   devarim harbei

3- Eating the commemoration of the qorban is done before kos 3

4- And saying Hallel because we ourselves are hurrying out of Egypt is kos

AND, I think these four stages parallel those of teshuvah:

1- Lekhem oni - charatah al ha'avar

2- Maggid - vidui (discussing the change cognitively)

3- Motzi through the Meal - azivas hacheit (enacting the change)

4- Hallel - Qabbalah al ha'asid (living as changed)

Which is why I'm eagerly watching the discussion of when to drink the 5th
cup, not that I have anything to contribute to it.


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