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R' Liron Kopinsky asked:

> Does he say when that cup should be drunk? In general, I thought
> the Halacha was that you are allowed to drink extra cups between
> cups 2 and 3, but not between 1 & 2, to not be drunk during
> maggid, and not between 3 & 4 (or after 4) to not look like we
> are actually having a 5th cup.

All very true, except that the "no fifth cup" rule is not universally accepted, so there's a bit of wiggle room, provided that it is done correctly (so as not to look like a sixth cup, I suppose).

Rama 481:1 -- "One who is an istenis (delicate) or has a great desire to drink, may drink a fifth cup, and he says Hallel Hagadol over it."

MB 481:3 -- "This is specifically if he has not concluded the bracha. He drinks the fourth cup,and then he can say Hallel Hagadol to the end, and say the concluding bracha, and drink the fifth cup. But if he already finished off the end of the bracha, he cannot go back and repeat Hallel Hagadol and say the bracha afterward, because Chazel established only one bracha.

Here's my understanding of the sequence one would follow at a nusach Ashkenaz Seder:

Regular Hallel to the end
- the extra Hagafen and cup are inserted here
Hallel Hagadol
Nishmas and Yishtabach with its regular chasima
Hagafen and drink the cup

Normally, Nusach Ashkenaz omits the chasimas bracha from Y'halelucha at the seder, because we'll be saying the chasima of Yishtabach. I've always been curious whether adding a fifth cup would change those rules, and give us good reason to say *all* of Y'halelucha.

I'm much less clear how one would add the fifth cup in Nusach Sefard. My understanding of the sequence at a four-cup Nusach Sefard seder is as follows:

Regular Hallel to the end
Hallel Hagadol
Nishmas and Yishtabach without its chasima
Y'halelucha with its chasima
Hagafen and drink the cup

Given that the regular four cups are not merely said at specific points in the Seder, but are connected to specific brachos (Kiddush, Geulah, Mazon, Hallel), I don't know what the sequence would be for a nusach sefard person who needed to add the fifth cup, seeing as how tangled the pieces are. Would he add it before Hallel Hagadol without any other bracha? Or after Yishtabach between two brachos?

PLEASE NOTE: In my experience, very few hagados mention anything about Nusach Sefard or Ashkenaz, and they simply follow one or the other with no labeling. ArtScroll is among the few which do show the differences between them. (I am reminded of the ubiquitous Ushpizin posters which are also silent on nusach.)

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