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At 05:50 PM 3/21/2013, Zev Sero wrote:

>The following psak din was released by Rabbi Mottel Krasnjanski of 
>Melbourne.  (Quoted only in part.)
>I would like to state unequivocally that it is forbidden to eat any 
>Kitniyos on Erev Pesach from the same time one may not eat Chomets. 
>For Ashkenazim Kitniyos is as stringent as Chomets. It was with 
>great trepidation that some of the Rabbonim relaxed some of the laws 
>of Kitniyos during a famine otherwise it is totally forbidden.
>   <Snip>
>   Second, the fact that the Shulchan Oruch in Siman 444 in Hilchos 
> Pesach endeavours to find different options of how one is to 
> observe the Mitsvah of Sholosh Seudos when Erev Pesach is on 
> Shabbos and no Shulchan Oruch brings  the option of eating 
> Kitniyos. Obviously there is no such option.
>Most important the Chok Yaakov chapter 471 Seif Beis rules that it 
>is forbidden to eat Kitniyos then. So too paskens the Maharsham in 
>his earlier Sefer Daas Torah chapter 453.


>Conclusion no leading Posek says one may eat sushi and kitniyos  on 
>Erev pesach. Indeed Rabbi Vosner in Shevet Halevi says that one is 
>totally forbidden to eat Kitniyos on Erev Pesach, and says one 
>shouldn?t consider any leniency then. If anyone does they are 
>breaching the fence of Yiddishkeit.
>Let us all have a Kosher and freilicher Pesach and merit the coming 
>of Moshiach now.
>Rabbi Mottel Krasnjanski

On the other hand the following is from 

Products containing matzoh meal that are baked (e.g. matzoh meal 
cake) may not be eaten all day Erev Pesach. Kosher for Passover 
matzoh meal products that are cooked (e.g. knaidlach) may be eaten 
until the beginning of the 10th halachic hour of the day - three 
halachic hours before sunset.

>Thus it is clear that there is a real difference between eating 
>gebrokts and eating kitniyos on Pesach.  One is most certainly 
>allowed to eat certain gebrokts food Erev Pesach until the 10th 
>halachic hour whereas one is not allowed to eat kitniyos "on Erev 
>Pesach from the same time one may not eat 
>Chomets."  Furthermore,  the statement, "For Ashkenazim Kitniyos is 
>as stringent as Chomets. It was with great trepidation that some of 
>the Rabbonim relaxed some of the laws of Kitniyos during a famine 
>otherwise it is totally forbidden."  certainly does not mince any words.

Thus all attempts by some to suggest on Areivim that there be a 
Kitnyos Anonymous corresponding to Gebrokts Anonymous seem to me to 
be missing the point that eating gebrokts on Pesach is absolutely 
permitted and whereas eating kitnyos on Pesach for Ashkenazim is 
absolutely forbidden.


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