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Kenneth Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Fri Mar 22 05:50:58 PDT 2013

R"n Lisa Liel wrote:

> In this video, Rabbi Bar Hayim discusses the sources related
> to the minhag of not eating kitniyot on Pesach.
> He demonstrates that the custom, which originated in France,
> was an error, brings numerous Rishonim who say that it was
> an error (and in one cases called it a minhag shtut), and
> cogently that the custom is harmful and should be
> abandoned.

I did not watch the video, but for the sake of argument, I will concede that his sources are many and that his logic is sound.

But even so, he is in the minority, isn't he? Are there ANY major nosei keilim or acharonim or poskim who advocate the wholesale abandonment of this minhag, for Ashkenazim?

Honestly, I really don't understand the vehemence that I have recently seen against this minhag, which Ashkenazim have been following for hundreds of years. Granted that the poskim often question what is included in this minhag, but doesn't everyone agree that Ashkenazim DO avoid kitniyos?

Have I missed something? Is there a Mishneh Brurah or an Aruch Hashulchan somewhere which says that there are some places -- which otherwise follow the Rama! -- where rice and beans are eaten, and that this practice is okay?

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