[Avodah] Lecithin in Chocolate KLP

Meir Rabi meirabi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 11:24:28 PDT 2013

R Micha put this more clearly that i, I apologise for the clumsiness of my

R Micha wrote, I took this to be RMR's intent... Since it's not being added
for the sake of the KLP market, and it's a mi'ut, it should be bateil.

R Micha also added, Elite and other Israeli brands, though, aren't
necessarily subject to this line of reasoning.

I was even thinking that when they produce Chocolate for All Year Round,
that chocolate is KLP even though it contains Lecithin or lets be really
naughty, lets say 40% rice flour


Meir G. Rabi
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