[Avodah] HKB"H doesn't give anyone a test they can't pass

Liron Kopinsky liron.kopinsky at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 09:26:28 PDT 2013

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 2:44 PM, Prof. Aryeh A. Frimer <frimea at biu.ac.il>wrote:

>        This idea has always troubled me since the facts are otherwise: the
> insane asylums are full of people who couldn't cope with their nisayyon;
> unfortunately, the same is true for many suicides.

I don't really have any answer here, but I want to at least pose, the
question. How many of those people didn't vs. couldn't cope with their
nisayyon. Just because there are people who have failed to pass their tests
doesn't mean that they were entirely unable to. Maybe a different decision
or 2 along the way would have made all the difference. But I still think
it's still hard to say that that is true for everyone Prof. Frimmer
referred to.

Kol Tuv,
Liron Kopinsky
liron.kopinsky at gmail.com
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