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On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 07:08:16PM +0200, Eli Turkel wrote:
: What does the issue of komah zekufa (OC 2:6) mean?

The source is Berachos 43b, where it spells out 4 amos, and the MB
notes that the 4 amos falls out by the time you reach the SA.

Yuma 8b explains "'vatelakhnah netuyos garon' (Yeshaiah 3:16) -- shehayu
mehalkhos beqomah zequfah". Similarly, Hil Dei'os 5:8 says that a talmid
chakham shouldn's go "beqomah zequfah vegaron natui". It sounds to me
like the English idiom "walks around with their nose in the air".

And I think that's the meaning in the SA as well. 2:4 refers to putting
on your shoes, 2:5 refers to taking them off, and 2:6 is saying that
one should not walk around with airs on in between.

What I find odd is that it refers not only to carrying oneself as a
baal gaavah, but also to healthy self respect. For example, see Rashi
on Vayiqra 26:9, "Verhirbeisi eskhem". He defined HQBH's promise of
"vehirbeisi" as "beqomah zequfah".


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