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On 11/03/2013 4:28 PM, D&E-H Bannett wrote:

>  In those days, I knew of nobody who did not eat peanuts on Pesach.

Which doesn't mean there weren't such people.   How many people did you
know then who were careful with cholov yisroel?

See Melamed Leho'il, cited here earlier, who forbids peanuts, though he
was prepared to allow peanut oil if the rabbis of Hamburg and Posen would
join him.  Does anyone know whether they did?

> As to cottonseed oil,  when soya became chametz chareidim started to use cottonseed oil. But that was stopped soon afterward.  The story I heard was that shemen kutna (cotton oil in Hebrew) sounded too much like kitnit, kutna = kitnit.

The story you heard was false.  The debate about cottonseed oil has nothing
to do with its Ivrit name; it's about early sources that refer to cotton as
a kind of kitniyos.  See Minchas Yitzchok (cited earlier in this thread)
for a full explanation of why he held that it was forbidden.

> my mother told me not to.  The reason we didn't eat dried fruits, she said,
> was that they might have been dried in chametzdig ovens.

This is an explicit Rama, who also says that if it's made with proper care
it's OK.

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