[Avodah] Who Brings the Chatos When BD Errs

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Mon Mar 11 12:15:30 PDT 2013

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 08:37:04AM +1100, Rabbi Meir G. Rabi, its Kosher! wrote:
:   For BD to bring a Chatos and exempt the people from their obligation to
: bring their own, we can only be astounded at the conditions that must be
: met. We can only be astounded at the enormity of the duty that HKBH places
: upon us as individuals to be responsible for the decisions we take and act
: upon.

The problem is that none of these criteria increase the masses'
culpability. Why should the tzibur be more guilty depending upon details
of court procedure they likely weren't privy to?

The other problem, to repeat again, is that a qorban for *shogegin* doesn't
necessarily imply they skipped a step they should have taken.

There is also the obvious issue that you're faulting people for not
trusting their own judgment over the pros. Unlike horios or zaqein
mamre, where the person doing the assessing /is/ one of the pros. I
find the entire premise we're debating unsustainable.

Until you explain whhy your line of reasoning doesn't do away with the
entire concept of pesaq and posqeiq, beis din or the authority of Shas,
I don't think I can understand it well enough to discuss it.


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