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R"n Chana Luntz wrote:
"Now Rav Freundel appears to be trying to suggest that there might be a
position which says that tephila is purely d'rabbanan, and yet while women
are obligated in it (since the gemora in Brochos 20b states this explicitly)
somehow the rabbis made up a different way of davening for men and women,
without telling us what the differences are at any point.  However let us
think this through.  If we can say this about this, surely we can say this
about any rabbinic mitzvah under the sun.  Eg that the rabbis instituted the
mitzvah of the four cups, and they included women, but maybe they didn't
include women in the details, and the details and the times are completely
different for women - or pick whatever other rabbinic mitzvah you like in
which women are included."

In fact, this seems to be the shita of the Behag regarding women and
Megilla reading. The Gemara says explicitly that women are chayavos in
Megilla because of af hen hayu b'oso hanes, yet the Behag claims that women
are only obligated in hearing the Megilla and not reading it and therefore
cannot be motzi men. In other words, according to the Behag, women and men
have fundamentally different chiyuvim when it comes to Megilla, women have
a chiyuv to hear and men have a chiyuv to read even though we find no
explicit mention of this in the Gemara.
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