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Fri Mar 8 07:48:48 PST 2013

On 8/03/2013 10:33 AM, Micha Berger wrote:
> but on shemen qitniyos (which some who don't use mei qitniyos permit, since
> it won't mix with water)!

How is that relevant?  Oil not mixing with water could be relevant if
kitniyos (or wheat for that matter) were to come in contact with oil.
But how is it relevant to the status of the oil itself?  If one could
extract oil from wheat, we would certainly not say that all wheat oil
is permitted just because it doesn't mix with water!  That would make
no sense.

> How did that ever get accepted as assur.

It's an explicit Rama. He permits lighting kitniyos oil, not eating it,
and his reason is that if it should happen to fall into the food it will
be batel.  IOW he is explicitly saying that the oil itself, in its non-
batel state, may not be eaten.  Given that I don't understand how anyone
could have permitted it.

On 8/03/2013 8:25 AM, Eli Turkel wrote:
>> <<Where do you see this?  The only norm he is reporting is the metzius that
>> in many places they ate peanuts.  The rest is his explanation for that
>> metzius.  Other explanations could also be proposed.>>

> R Frank allowed cottenseed because it was a new product since in the old
> days it was not edible.
> As mentioned RCS also allowed peanuts and other such products

Can you please supply a source for these two statements, so I can look
them up?

> However, in general I dont understand the whole issue. RMF has many
> chiddushin.  RSZA states that the "Sar shel Torah" of his generation
> is RMF since he can find the solution to new problems and not just
> quote old opinions.

Of course he can. Did I or anyone suggest that he can't? Please go
back over the thread, since you seem to have forgotten the question
we're discussing right now.

Zev Sero
zev at sero.name

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