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On Fri, Mar 08, 2013 at 01:13:21PM -0500, Micha Berger wrote:
: And then I wondered. Apparently, we now have a veritable epidemic of
: people with ADD or ADHD, who every day are afraid that they couldn't
: possibly say the full tefilah with kavanah. Would they be yotz'im?
: The MB s"q 1 backs off from this, emphasizing "she'as hadechaq" rather
: than the examples. Because Abayei was against saying Havineinu.

I just found the AhS (OC 110:2), who sites the Smag and the Hagahos
Maimonios that limits Abayei's objection to those who make a routine
of it "belo shum oneis".

The Rif also focuses on "she'as hadechaq".

But the AhS believes the Rambam holds like R' Aqiva "im segurah tefilaso
befiv mispallel 18, ve'im lav -- mei'ein 18. And the gemara does conclude
the line "vehalakhah keR' Aqiva".

Now in 110:3... The AhS notes that the Tur talks about she'as hadechaq and
not qatzrah leshono. Also, with printed sidurim, "segurah befiv" is a

So it would seem so far that Havineinu is only an option for Teimanim with


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