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Micha Berger micha at aishdas.org
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On Tue, Mar 05, 2013 at 07:38:28AM -0800, saul newman wrote:
: is   lo tikom an issur on individuals only  or  also     corporate
: entities,  political parties , religious mosdos  etc ?

As is my wont, the first thing I'll do in response to a question about
details in a mitzvah bein adam lachaveiro is to recommend the list of
mar'eh meqomos collected by Linas haTzedeq (Center for Jewish Values).
Not that it answers your question, just because I know of no comparable
way to get a handle on these mitzvos, and like to spread the word.

This time, at <http://www.jewishvalues.us/uploads/114_Nekama_UNetira.pdf>.

I'm not sure there is a nafqa mina to whether or not it does apply to
groups taking revenge on individuals, because every corporate entity
does things through the actions of individuals. Neqamah is unlike ribis
in a critical way. The issur of ribis can be defined as not applying
to a corporate entity collecting from an individual because ribis has a
recipient. The people doing the billing don't become the sole owners of
the interest. But WRT neqamah, the victim isn't giving the corporation
anything. I see no difference between a corporation taking revenge,
and an individual using his coporate position to mete out revenge. Thus,
I don't see how someone can initiate corporate revenge either way.

Similarly, the people who belong to a victim organization are themselves
individuals who are victims. Even if the revenge is taken monetarily,
it's their headache to budget the money.

: can a threat of nekama  be used for financial/political/religious leverage?
: [eg give tzedaka to this mossad or we won't do business with you /will
: spread info about you]

I'm not sure how this question begins, if neqamah applies to corporate
entities. Why would someone think that blackmail is a cause which
overrides neqamah? I obviously don't understand what you're saying.


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