[Avodah] How do Chabad deal with the Amen of Krias Shema

Kenneth Miller kennethgmiller at juno.com
Sun Mar 3 04:20:09 PST 2013

A few minutes ago, I sent a post, ending with:

> But I suspect that Ahava Raba is merely a normal part of Seder
> Hatefilah, and is NOT so connected to the Shema. My evidence
> for that is my recollection that the halachos for answering
> Barchu and Kedusha are exactly the same regardless of whether
> one is between Ahava Raba and Shma, or between Emes Ve'emunah
> and Hashkivenu. ...

Another piece of evidence is that the zmanim for Ahava Raba follows Tefilah, and does not follow the Shma, as I posted previously, citing Mechaber 58:6 and Kaf Hahaim 58:23. I look forward to hearing comments on that point.

Akiva Miller

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