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<<The Ohr Sameiach (MC, Shemos 12:16, "yeveyom) finds this significant,
and he notes something similar about the date of Chanukah. "Binfol
oyivkha al tismach" and "maasei Yadai tov'im bayam" mean that we do not
make holidays celebrating war or their victories. Only the salvation we
gained in their aftermath.

R' Shelomo Al-Qabetz (Manor haLevi 9:20, "vayikhtov Mordekhai") writes
similarly -- Purim is on the day of deliverance, not the day of the war,
because "HQBH does not rejoice in the destruction of evil people.">>

In addition the Sfas Emes answers that the miracle is that the nation was
able to rest "nachu" on those days. In general there are always problems
but on those there was a complete rest

Eli Turkel
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